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  • Seed Treatments: Assessing Risks: Seed treatments are an early season management tool available for farmers to manage seed and seedling diseases and prevent damage from insects. This document was developed to assist farmers and agronomists in the decision of whether or not a seed treatment is necessary as well as what type of seed treatment would be required.
  • Phosphorus Fertilization Strategies
  • Fungicide Decision Worksheet for Managing White Mould in Dry Bean
  • Insect and Disease Identification Guide: A complete guide to soybean disease and insect identification of pests affecting soybeans in Manitoba. Refer to this summary of soybean insects and diseases during crop monitoring this growing season. Guide includes all modern, high resolution colour pictures.
  • Maturity Guide
  • Insect and Disease Scouting Calendar: This new resource will assist growers and agronomists with soybean crop scouting throughout the summer. The calender outlines growth stages as well as soybean insects and diseases that should be monitored in soybean fields throughout the growing season.
  • Fertility Fact Sheet: This brand new soybean fertility fact sheet outlines general fertility requirements (N-P-K-S) for soybeans in Manitoba. Included is a special focus on inoculation strategies based on On-Farm research trials that were completed in 2015. Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC) is also included as a special focus to help you identify, manage and prevent IDC in soybeans. Research results and high resolution images of nutrient deficiencies are also included.
  • Plant Development: Soybean development stages and key crop scouting activities.
  • The Bean Report

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